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Disability & Law

An Axis Presents Discussion

Written by Grace Koh
On April 9, Axis UChicago hosted Priyanko “Pranks” Paul, a staff attorney with Equip for Equality’s Special Education Clinic, as well as an alum of both the University of Chicago College and the Law School.
Equip for Equality is a nationally recognized, private, not-for-profit organization established in 1985 that promotes self-advocacy and serves as a legal advocate for people with disabilities.
Mr. Paul, or "Pranks," as he preferred to be addressed, explained some of Equip for Equality's main projects, and how his background working in a special education classroom has influenced his passion for making sure every student is receiving the education that he or she deserves, regardless of how different his or her abilities may be.
Among many other things, Pranks and the attendees discussed the effect of funding cuts and Equip for Equality's work with trying to close down Murray Developmental Center after a recent announcement that a second resident had died there. Pranks also emphasized the importance of promoting self-advocacy, and the importance of disseminating information on resources to do so.
When asked what he thought was the next big frontier in disability advocacy, Pranks replied that he believes it is now crucial to get people who have no personal connection to disability to see the importance of disability rights and advocacy.
Grace is a third year majoring in Political Science. She is co-founder and current co-president of Axis UChicago.
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